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Message from the Board – January 2019


As 2019 begins, our news is all good.

 We are renovating our website, as you may have noticed. Our goal is to provide an easily accessible home for expanded journal content, and a more responsive platform for comments and ideas as they become available.

We have already begun to plan the schedule for our third year of publication, with issues that, we hope, will plumb the width and depth of important contemporary concerns, from the perspective of those who are personally involved in them.

We are delighted to announce that the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) has chosen THE RIGHT ANGLE JOURNAL as a member benefit. For Canadian architects – and all followers of the RAIC Bulletins – this means convenient online access to a quarterly that is unique among architectural magazines in fostering an open dialogue between the profession and the public that it serves.

All of these initiatives present an opportunity for our contributors – architects and others – to reach a national and international audience, to share ideas and opinions that may not find a platform elsewhere. We are looking forward to both a broader readership and a broader writership.



Next Issue of The Journal


In this issue, we explore the meaning of home. It’s a powerful word, but one with a surprisingly pliable meaning. Originally denoting a place of comfort and safety (Old English hām – village, town, collection of dwellings; dwelling-place, house, abode), it has found renewed life as a marketing catchword, a sector of the design and building industry, a lucrative (or otherwise) architectural specialty, a section in the magazine rack, and a TV network. To a builder or designer, a home is a building. To a homeowner, it represents an investment. To a real estate agent, it’s a commodity. To a construction worker, it’s a steady job. But what does the word mean to everybody else: to the people who occupy those homes?

Our contributors to this issue, architects and home designers, have agreed to share their thoughts about what the word means to them. So please kick back, turn the page and make yourself at home.

The Journal

The Right Angle Journal – digital issues available here

A refreshing look at architecture and the everyday built environment.

We spend much of our lives in spaces created by other people – people we don’t even know. Some of these environments are great and some are not so great. Most of the time, we don’t notice them and we don’t comment on them. We just get used to them. With your help, we would like to change things a little.

The Right Angle is not an architectural journal (full disclosure: our team is mostly made up of individuals who call themselves architects) – like you, we think there are enough architectural journals in the world already. But we believe that the built environment, including architecture, needs to be discussed more openly, and by a wider range of people, professional and non-professional. The built environment belongs to all of us, and the discussion should include all of us.

Let us know what you think