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Author: Gordon S Grice

Why Is There Public Art?

Like many of you, I live in a city, where there is scarcely a square metre of land that some architect, planner or designer hasn’t poked or manipulated – sometimes with spectacular results, other times, not. We are rarely consulted about these intrusions. They just happen.Public art provides a significant departure. It provides a means of improving our daily lives by adding extra meaning to everyday forms and spaces and, in many municipalities, there is even public consultation – asking for our (or our representatives’) input. With public art, we all get the chance to engage with our built environment in a way that is personal and meaningful.

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Latest Issue of The Journal: Summer 2019

Vol. 2, No. 4 – COLOUR
For centuries, architecture and urban design have been characterized by austere colour schemes
(Anything else would have been tawdry)
Has this epoch finally come to an end?


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