Excerpted from Vol. 1, No. 1: FALL 2017


Think back to a place where everything seems just right. You cannot quite put your finger on it, it is hard to explain to somebody else, and your words will always seem inadequate – but there is something there that transcends other places you have experienced.

– Christopher Alexander, The Timeless Way of Building

In our first Issue of the journal, Vivian Lo describes the experience of growing up in Hong Kong, where space, including play space, is at a premium.


Vivian Lo

I realize that my very favourite place must be somewhere I love to visit and stay as long as I can. A place is an objective and physical environment, however, my feelings towards that place are a totally subjective – even a mental – experience.

I tend to find the answer by recalling the places I visit repeatedly in my dreams, where the image of the physical space becomes blurred and unreal, yet my sensations, mood, and emotions towards that place are still so real and clear.

A Street in Hong Kong
Credit: The Right Angle Journal