We spend much of our lives in spaces created by other people – people we don’t even know. Some of these environments are great and some are not so great. Most of the time, we don’t notice them and we don’t comment on them. We just get used to them. With your help, we would like to change things a little.

Welcome to The Right Angle.

The Right Angle is not an architectural journal (full disclosure: our team is mostly made up of individuals who call themselves architects) – like you, we think there are enough architectural journals in the world already. But we believe that the built environment, including architecture, needs to be discussed more openly, and by a wider range of people, professional and non-professional. The built environment belongs to all of us, and the discussion should include all of us.

Our organization is called the Built Environment Open Forum, and we intend that our journal will provide exactly that. Many of our writers will be architects and design professionals, along with others close to the cause. Our topics will be those that interest us and our readers equally, related to the built environment. The writing will be down-to-earth, accessible, light-hearted or serious, personal, honest, and with lots of drawings and photographs.

There is no limit to the number of ways the built environment can be appreciated, enjoyed, examined and evaluated. It very much depends on how you’re prepared to look at it. And there is really no correct viewpoint: every angle is the right angle.